5 Comments on “Logo and Branding: Mattias Jersild”

  1. I admire their restraint and the attention to typographic detail. Complementing this with a simple, white uncoated stock is, for me at least, like taking a lungful of fresh Swedish air – cold, tinged with the scent of snow and pine. It makes me feel better for having breathed it in.

    Using an absence of image to represent a copywriter is not new – check out a writing agency called “The Writer” to see how a simple gadzook ligature can transform a piece of type into a deft logo – but this still delivers a rare simplicity and is all the better for it.

    I can’t read Swedish either. I hope the content lives up to the execution.

    Happy New Year Richard. I’m looking forward to what you deliver to my inbox. Thanks for keeping us all plugged in, inspired and motivated.

    • Hay Shaun good to hear from you and Happy New Year!

      Sure I can appreciate that this isn’t a new concept and suppose it’s quite an obvious root but think it’s been handled incredibly well, I’ve seen some attempts in the past that just don’t seem so confidently resolved, often a detail, print finish or material choice too far. I’ll definitely take a look at ‘The Writer’, in fact I’ll do it right now. Thanks!

    • Is it this one? Good example of unnecessary ligature detail.

      • shaughnmcgurk says:

        That’s the one. Personally, I like the ligature, it adds a flourish that provides evidence of ability to craft excellent content. Their stationery is more restrained than the website homepage – which I think is ruined by too many green links and a too small type size. An awesome guy called John Simmons works through them. His books about the role of copy in branding are seminal works, ‘We, Me, Them & It’ is the first. A highly recommended read.

        • Perhaps the flourish suggests creativity? – I think I’d warm to that, must slow down on my responses, not usually like me to make such a snap judgement. I’ll add the book to my reading list, always looking a ways to integrate my writing experience with my branding and identity projects.

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